Where men are men, women are women and Wookiees run for cover under the nearest table.

"The part of you that had the tube in it wasn't the sort of thing you could splint and sign."

An-Paj (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)

"I do not have a thing about her! Our relationship is strictly catatonic!"

Toms Yarrel (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)

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Everybody's favorite tavern.
Gambling, drinking, swearing and fisticuffs. And that's just the bar staff.

Come in and visit the Hell's Chance Cantina: the only place where the rats are bigger than the Wookies who serve behind the bar...

"The tables are missing two legs, the chairs are broken and the walls are covered in filth. It's the perfect place for a romantic evening."

- Obi-Wan Kenobi

"It's a great place for punch-ups."

- Jemmiah Gleshan

"And pick-ups."

- Simeon Cates

Disclaimer: The name Star Wars, the characters and all things assosciated with the franchise of that name belong to George Lucas. All non-Lucas created characters and situations within these pages belong to the Jemmiah Chronicles and the individual authors.

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